Paco (パコ Pako)/Talmit, Race: Dragon Man

「Prince Paco is the Prince of the Dragon Men who's heroic and has a strong sense of justice. Speaking in human years, he's about 12 years old. Adult Dragon Men can fly, use different kinds of magic, and fire attacks, but Paco is still a child, so he can only use magic with items. The name "Paco" is derived from the word "Pax," which is Latin for peace.」

Discrepancies: The Arcade ending specifies his name as Pako, but the Mega Drive ending and the OST booklet spell it Paco.


Luxcie (ルクシー Rukushī)/Wondra, Race: Fairy

「The Fairy Princess and the Fairy of Light and head of the four Guardian Fairies who protect Marvel Land. The Fairies love peace and friendliness. Their duty is to observe the balance of nature, and in particular to protect the four countries of Marvel Land. She was imprisoned by the Underdweller King Mole, who hates light. She is a Guardian Fairy who does not possess any particular offensive ability. She is a childhood friend of Prince Paco.」


Florrie (フローリー Furōrī)/Flora, Race: Fairy

「One of the guardian fairies who protect Marvel Land, she holds the Orange Trident Star as the guardian of the Country of the Flowers.」 Known as the Fairy of the Rides in the English Localization.


Sylphie (シルフィー Shirufī)/Sirca, Race: Fairy

「One of the guardian fairies who protect Marvel Land, she holds the Green Trident Star as the guardian of the Country of the Forest & Water.」 Known as the Fairy of the Fields in the English Localization.


Sweetie (スウィーティー Suwītī), Race: Fairy

「One of the guardian fairies who protect Marvel Land, she holds the Purple Trident Star as the guardian of the Country of the Sweets & Dreams.」 Known as the Fairy of the Treats in the English Localization.


Bunny (バニー Banī), Race: Fairy

「Because she's only an Apprentice Fairy, her wings are currently in withholding. She works as Paco's assistant.」

A cute apprentice fairy who helps Prince Paco out during boss fights. She plays the hostess during these events.



Mole (モウル Mouru), Race: Underdweller

「The Demon King of the Underdwellers who uses magic freely for destruction and levitation. Unsatisfied with having his power only extend to the Underground, he schemed to subjugate the surface. He took a position under Marvel Castle, and duels with Pokasuka Janken. However, can Mole be destroyed with Pokasuka alone?」

「Although usually diligent, the Underdwellers are perhaps not interested in the lifestyles that's not under the sun.」

Great Condor

Great Condor (グレートコンドル Gurēto Condoru), Race: Wing Clan

「The leader of the Wing Clan, he controls the Country of the Flowers in Florrie's place. Occupying the castle of the Country of the Flowers, he duels with Pokasuka Janken.」

「Leave it to the Wing Clan when it comes to their ability to fly in the skies. They're better flyers than the Dragon Men and the Fairies.」

Demon Angle

Demon Angle (ヨロイアンコウ Yoroi Ankou), Race: Water Tribe

「The Water Tribe leader, he occupies Sylphie's land of the Forest & Water by borrowing Mole's power. He challenges with a match of Tug-of-War.」

「The Water Tribesman live in the water. To Paco, who cannot enter water, they're rather difficult opponents.」

In Japanese, yoroi means armor and ankou means anglerfish.

Discrepencies: During the end credits, he's named Demon Angle, but in the soundtrack booklet and the game manual, he's named Yoroi Ankou.

Princess A La Mode

Princess A La Mode (プリンセス・ア・ラ・モード Purinsesu A Ra Mōdo), Race: Dream Demon

「She originally stood alongside Sweetie as a Fairy of the Dreams, but she was instigated by Mole and schemed to rule the Country of the Sweets & Dreams in Sweetie's place. She can give life to inanimate objects with her magic. Occupying the castle of the Sweets & Dreams, she challenges matches with Tug-of-War. She may have thin arms, but her obnoxious-middle-aged-woman-powers cannot be made light of.」

「Dream Demons like to use magic.」



The Demon Angle's cohort, and its your job to “cool her off.”

King Mole's Minions

Yari Mogle Yari Mogle

Yari Mogle (ヤリモグル Yari Moguru): 100 points, Race: Underdweller

「Loitering around the surface, he holds a spear. He digs a hole from underground to poke out his spear.」

Sometimes, they may even be hiding in treasure chests.

In Japanese, yari means spear, and moguru (mogle) means to go underground, but it can also mean mole.

Jet Mogle Jet Mogle

Jet Mogle (ジェットモグル Jetto Moguru): 300 Points, Race: Underdweller

「Perhaps as Underdwellers, they're romantists that have a dream to fly in the sky? Sometimes he will drop arrow-shaped lances from the sky. However it seems the engine's performance is bad and cannot continue flight for long.」

He cannot be stomped on, but he is rideable. He also has a faster brethren, which are only present in the arcade version.


Chulip: 300 Points

This tulip will just prance around, and every now and then when Chulip stops, it'll blow a heart shaped projectile at a high speed with a limited range. Chulip is a play on the word chu, lip, and tulip; in Japan, chu is the sound a kiss emits, lips are used for kissing, and the Chulip bears a striking resemblance to the tulip flower.

Pirawani Pirawani

Pirawani (ピラワニ Pirawani): 300 Points

Pirawani is probably the lovechild of a crocodile and a fish. He'll just jump vertically out of the water and fall back in to the water at regular intervals. He can only be killed when his mouth is closed, and cannot be killed at all in the arcade version, mouth open or not. There's also a second purple variety of the pirawani that will jump out of the water in an arc-like fashion. In Japanese, pirania means pirahna and wani means alligator.

Captain Mogle

Captain Mogle (キャプテンモグル Kyaputen Moguru): 1000 Points, Hat: 1000 Points, Race: Underdweller

「Mole's loyal subordinate. He throws his hat like a boomerang. Also, his vitality is high. He can be defeated with Bunshins and stomps.」

Although it's possible to stomp his hat (except in the arcade version). He takes two attacks to kill- the first attack will get rid of his hat and cause him to walk left and right, and the second attack will finish him off. In the arcade version, sometimes there's a Captain Mogle in green who walks on giant swings.


Batter (バッター Battā): 500 Points, Race: Nightmare Demon, Race: Insect

This grasshopper creature likes to bat baseballs at rapid speeds horizontally or diagonally towards you. He doesn't seem to care if you're behind him, though. The Batter is one of the strange insects who make use of their own instincts. Don't take them lightly. In Japanese, batta means grasshopper.

Medusa Head

Medusa Head (メデューサヘッド Medyūsa Heddo): 700 Points, Race: Demon Beast

「When you leave your room in a mess and uncleaned, a Medusa Head will come to life. A troublesome creature that will shoot numbing beams of light. The mothers of the Fantasy World often scold children that if they don't clean their room, a Medusa Head will bloom.」

The Medusa is a mythical Greek creature who turns human to stone when they look into her eyes. The Medusa Head, one of the more common enemies in the game, will always stay stationary in place and shoot beams from her eyes at regular intervals. Her beam has a limited but very long range. She is impervious to being jumped on top of.

Bakudan Mogle

Bakudan Mogle (バクダンモグル Bakudan Moguru): 1000 Points, Race: Underdweller

「Mole's loyal subordinate. He throws bombs around. He also has high vitality. If you do not damage him twice he can't be defeated.」

This pirate usually likes to stay in high places off an edge to throw pairs of bombs at regular intervals. It usually takes work to get up to him if the player wants to beat him. In Japanese, bakudan means bomb.


Hachimittu: 500 Points

A bug that flies back and forth diagonally. It's not much of a threat unless you jump a lot. In Japanese, hachi can mean bee and mittsu (mittu) means three.


Barbara: 300 Points

Every rose has its thorn, and boy, does Barbara want to shove her thorn up yours. She just walks at a very slow pace towards your direction.

Teppou Uo

Teppou Uo (テッポウウオ Teppou Uo): 300 Points, Race: Water Tribe

This mobster dolphin just jumps out of the water like the Pirawani; the only difference is that the Teppou Uo will squirt very short ranged water from its mouth as it falls back down into the water. In Japanese, teppou means gun and uo means fish.


Tsukinowaguma (ツキノワグマ Tsukinowaguma): 500 Points, Race: Demon Beast

A demon beast who's carefree and not very scary. This happy teddy bear will follow a crescent shaped boomerang as if it were a butterfly; the problem is that the deadly boomerang is usually in the way when you want to jump stomp him, or even jump over him. In Japanese, tsukinowaguma means asian black bear; tsuki means moon, probably in reference to the crescent moon that the Tsukinowaguma chases after. Real life tsukinowagumas have a crescent shape mark on their chest.


Mash: 300 Points

If you get too close to this little mushroom…


Samezame (サメザメ Samezame): 300 Points, Race: Water Tribe

Samezame acts similar to Pirawani and Teppou Uo, except he'll throw a slow-paced round projectile towards you at the peak of his jump. In Japanese, same means shark, although the whole word samezame means sorrowfully.


Comeon (カモン Kamon): 500 Points, Race: Wing Clan

Comeon will just walk slowly away from you with its finger telling you to come on closer. If you get close enough, Comeon will try to punch you.


Hinoki: 300 points

All Hinoki does is run back and forth at a decent speed. You can't jump on him. In Japanese, hinoki means Japanese cypress.



Invincible. The Mekujira stays underwater most of the time and pop a little of its head over the surface of the water. Its head can be used as a platform, but it may squirt a fountain from its head, which will kill you. In Japanese, kujira means whale. and mekujira means the corner of one's eye.


Heavy: 100 points

He hops forward at a somewhat slow pace all the time.

Bero Candy

Bero Candy: 300 points

The Bero Candy jumps foward a lot, and will turn the other way when it hits a wall; it's too stupid to know if it's gonna jump off a cliff and drown. In Japanese, bero means tongue.


Penginsan (ペンギンサン Penginsan): 500 points, Race: Wing Clan

He walks forward very slowly and will stop every now and then for no reason other than to make a thought bubble. The thought bubble does you no harm.

Pyon Mogle

Pyon Mogle: 300 points

This happy little mogle will so a small skip, a little hop, and a really high jump. In Japanese, pyonpyon means to skip.

Heavymeta Mogle

Heavymeta Mogle: 700 points

Walks back and forth and emits 6 rays of electricity every now and then.


Kameleon: 700 points

He walks backs and forth pretty slowly, and will stick out his long adhesive tongue. If you get caught by his tongue, you only have a small amount of time to escape before the tongue brings you to the Kameleon. In Japanese, kame means turtle.


Giantburger (ジャイアントバーガー Jaianto Bāgā): 300 points, Race: Magic Creature

「A Magic Creature which was granted life by Princess A La Mode. It's a hamburger, which has the fate of always being eaten, but now that it has been granted life perhaps it feels glad that it can now do the eating?」

Giantburgers tend to do a normal jump back and forth all the time.


Otoshigon (オトシゴン Otoshigon): 300 points, Race: Water Tribe

「Although part of the Water Tribe, it has wings. Although not part of the Dragon Men, it breathes fire. It is said to be a bat from the Fantasy World. It can survive in lava but that is a result of Mole's magic.」

Otoshigon's act just like the Pirawani in the way they jump out of the water, except at the peak of their jump, they'll shoot a fireball in your direction. In Japanese, tatsu no otoshigo means sea horse, and otoshigon is most likely a combined form of otoshigo and dragon.


O-Gucci (大口 Ōguchi): 500 points, Race: Demon Beast

「Like the Medusa Head, it will form somehow. It most likely has a nasal inflammation allergies so it always makes a big sneeze.」

Always stationary, but always annoying. His attack isn't deadly in itself, but the fact that its breath pushes you off to wherever you don't want to pushed off to will annoy you to no end. In Japanese, ōguchi means big mouth.


Iceman: 100 points

The Iceman just walks forward at a decent speed and will walk the other way when hitting a wall. He doesn't seem care about falling off cliffs.

Devil Pierrot

Devil Pierrot (デビルピエロ Debiru Piero): 300 points, Race: Dream Demon

「Because he's an underling, he cannot use magic. However, his body is light and he won't move aimlessly. If it ever becomes peaceful, he will surely exhibit splendid shows in Marvel Land.」

Devil Pierrots like to spin all day going back and forth.


Dokatant: 700 points

Dokatants dig for rocks and these rocks will roll into passageways that you will conveniently need to pass. In Japanese, doka means clumps of dirt, and dokata means construction laborer.


Kikurage: 300 points

Sure, they look like normal trees, and when you first encounter one, they don't do anything. But when the player passes them, they come to life to kill you. In Japanese, kikurage means wood ear mushroom.


O-Head (オーヘッド Ōheddo): 700 points, Head: 500 Points, Race: Magic Creature

「It has appeared in another certain game, 今回魔法のかかりが悪かったのか、多少間が抜けている。 He always drops his head but when it's destroyed, he will begin running wildly, so take heavy precautions. Given life by Princess A La Mode.」

This little boy usually loses his pumpkin head as the pumpkin head rolls on the floor. If you destroy the pumpkin head before destroying his body, his body will become furious and run at a fast speed.

Note: Need help in translating the Japanese. Also, his profile says he came from another game, so if you know your Namco games from before 1990 and have seen this enemy before, please e-mail me and enlighten me.


Mecamogle: 3000 points

A robot that shoots lasers and releases six mini-mogles every so often. Meca is an abbreviation for the word mechanical.


Wanidori (ワニドリ Wanidori): 100 points, Race: Wing Clan

The only Wing Clan enemy besides the Great Condor. Because the Wing Clan are a peaceful species, few participated in Mole's conquest.」

A bird that acts as a moving platform. He flies diagonally back and forth all the time. In Japanese, wani means alligator, and dori means bird. It cannot be killed in the Mega Drive version.

Bakufu Trump

Bakufu Trump (バクフウトランプ Bakufū Toranpu): 100 points, Race: Magic Creature

「Granted life by Princess A La Mode. They act in groups.」

They like to jump really, really high and fall. They usually come in pairs or fours. In Japanese, bakufū means blast.


Foosen: 100 points

In many arcade games, if you wait around long enough the game will punish you for not doing anything. This is the role the Foosen plays, as it's there to motivate you to move your butt. In Japanese, the word fuusen means balloon.


???: 100 points

A baby mogle driving a snail-esque vehicle.


???: 100 points

Another baby mogle driving a car and faster than its insect-driving counterpart.


???: 300 points

He acts similar to the jet mogle, except this enemy will do a v-shaped dive every now and then, instead of just staying on the same altitude all the time.


???: 300 points

Looks like a yari mogle, except with wings. He generally just flies around in circles.


???: 700 points

He acts similar to the winged mogle in the fact that he just flies around in circles, except this one is rideable. He cannot be killed in the Mega Drive version.


Totem Mogle: 500 points

A stationary enemy that're usually stacked on top of eachother. They will regularly shoot fireballs at you.


???: 500 points

An ammonite that spins a lot. He always travels at a 45 degree angle, and will do a 90 degree turn when he hits a wall. He hangs around where the territory is always spinning, like rotating platforms.


???: 500 points

Yet another baby mogle driving a vehicle, except the player can stand on top of it. He can also shoot bullets.


???: 700 points

A man in a cloud that may or may not sway back and forth, but will always shoot lightning bolts vertically below him on regular intervals. So unless you want to be zapped, don't spend too much time below him.


???: 300 points

A mogle that dances foward a bit and will eventually do a jump every now and then. They generally hang out in threes.


???: 100 points

They're basically just ammo from the mecamogle. Every now and then, the mecamogle will let out five little mogles to walk around to make your life harder.

Lost Girl Meiko

Lost Girl Meiko (迷子メイコ Maigo Meiko): 500 points, Race: Dream Demon

「Because she's a child she can't use magic. However, once she attaches herself she won't let go. She's like a cute crying baby.」

She may seem like just an innocent lost girl, but beware, because any contact with this girl will have her sticking to you like glue; you'll move as slow as if your feet were on glue, too. You shouldn't touch her under any circumstances. Once she attaches herself to you, consider yourself being given a death sentence. Her name is a pun of sorts; 迷子 is pronounced maigo and means lost child, but 迷 can be read as mei and 子 can be read as ko, and thus we have Meiko, also her name.

Maneki Sphinx

Maneki Sphinx (まねきスフィンクス Maneki Sufinkusu): 1000 points, Race: Demon Beast

「It's a pet of the Fantasy World that is extremely friendly to humans. But, if its great weight is directly on top of you, you'll be crushed. It must be handled with caution.」

A sphinx that hops around a lot, and takes two hits to kill. Its name is derived from the Maneki Neko, translated as the Beckoning Cat, a common Japanese sculpture of a cat with a paw raised.